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A few thoughts

Intensely target one sector where you can make progress - IT - if Software Engineers, Network Engineers and DevOps Engineers cannot work remotely there is something fundamentally wrong with the company.

Focus on the companies retention policy. What are they going to do when an employee hands in his/her notice? Let them walk without a fight? It takes 6-12 months for an experienced engineer to gain a good working knowledge of a large industrial platform/system. Having people leave after 2-3 years is a huge cost.

Engage the recruiters - Morgan McKinley, Hayes, CPL etc, they have a direct line into the HR policies of a company. If a company is told by recruitment companies that they need to support something, then they generally do.

Younger people working from a Hub is more tricky. When you come out of college its like doing an internship, it takes 3-5 years after graduation to be useful, let alone an asset. But again, there should be a retention policy once the graduate has acquired the skills and fancies moving to an alternative employer. This is where the Hub can be sold. You won't get the 23 year olds, but you should defintiely be able to get the 28 year olds.

There are 200 hubs. Is there a list? If somebody like, say IBM, see this in the morning, is there a Digital Hub directory? Where they have a link to every hubs website and contact details?

Engage with the potential people that could be based out of the hub. Sheer weight of numbers is what will drive this. I have taken to asking every cold caller if their position is remote, just to try and plant a seed. If more people did this, it would become a reality.

Also, its remote, but its still local. You can be in the head office within a couple of hours if needed. Or for a monthly townhall meeting. Its not like you are based in Outer Mongolia. Dublin is connected to practically every corner of the country.

If there is a collection of networked hubs, an entity could be created to represent the network, promote the collective rather than a set of standalone entities, something catchy like

RCH Technologies

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Target a big client or two - If HQTralee works with Kerry Group and The Junction Offaly works with Ericsson Athlone, then EirHub has two huge clients and other will follow.


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